One of a kind never to be duplicated - Not Available or in Production
This is a project that one of our machinists worked on and is show here
only so you can see what is possible with enough time and major money

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First we start off with a new pair of Pro Topline Aluminum Heads, w/ 220cc Intake Runners.
Then 1 cylinder is machined off of each head, bolted onto a special jig, and then welded together.

Image8 (45K)
We chose the Pro Topline Heads because of their superior quality & flow characteristics right out of the box.
We will massage them a little, to get a little more flow, for our quest of 1000+HP.

Image2 (47K)
We now have a straight six cylinder head, w/ the same bore spacing as the Chevy 292 block.

Image3 (61K)
Now that the welding is done, we can set the head up for all the final machining.

Image4 (70K)
Thanks to our new Rottler F65M Machining Center, this task will be a breeze.
Here we are machining the exhaust port surfaces true and flat for a perfect header seal.
We can't afford to have any leaks here, especially when we start pumping up the boost towards 30+lbs.

Image5 (64K)
Next we move onto the valve cover surface, for our custom built valve cover.

Image6 (67K)
The same machining is also done to the intake manifold surface. The Rottler F65M is such a versatile machine,
there is very minimal machine setup between tasks.

Image7 (71K)
This is a quick shot of the combustion chambers after the final porting was finished.

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