Leo Santucci's Awesome 1954 Studebaker

Here is one Chevy 292 total "custom" engine project that we did - 1/4 mile testing had resulted in a 10.04 @ 137+ mph. w/ only 10 pounds of boost.
- This made it the Quickest & Fastest, Full Bodied, Chevy 292 Straight 6cyl. Powered Car in the Country at the time.

One of a kind never to be duplicated - Not Available or in Production
This is a project that one of our machinists worked on and is show here
only so you can see what is possible with enough time and major money


Assembling the Chevy 292 L6 Engine

The Car

The Owner

The Driver

The Hybrid Cylinder Head

The Custom Engine Block

Doweling and Strapping the Main Caps for Strength

Installing Custom Darton Sleeves to Handle the Boost

Lightening the Chevy 292 Crankshaft

Balancing the Lightened Crankshaft

The Turbo & Fuel Injection System

The Oiling System

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